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The theatre complex consists of 04 ultramodern Operation theatres. Orthopaedic surgery department is equipped with advanced OT equipments. High Risk surgeries are routinely performed in this department. Many Orthopaedic surgeons from Kolhapur city bring their High risk patients to our Institute for ICU backup. The OT is provided with separate air handling units to ensure aseptic measures are taken during various surgeries carried out.

The Team    

Experienced Orthopaedic surgeon alongwith the nursing and paramedical team is available to take care of patients admitted in our hospital. As mentioned in introduction, majority of the surgeries performed in this department are high risk surgeries and are primarily performed by the referring orthopaedic surgeons and we provide them ICU backups for such high risk patients.

A full time vascular surgeon is also available to take care of trauma patients with vascular involvement requiring urgent revascularization.  

Surgeries performed

Surgeries performed in this department include, trauma management (fractures), complex fractures like neck femur, pelvic bones, spine etc. Complex trauma with vascular injuries are also treated alongwith the vascular surgeon.