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Pulmonary Function Test (PFT)

Computerised PFT on - SCHILLER SP-1, GERMANY.
Electroenchephalography (EEG)

Portable Ultrasonography

This facility is used for Ultrasonography of different parts of human body for non-ambulant patients.
Portable Ultrasonography is also useful in diagnostic tapping as well as drainage of Pleural and Ascitic effusions.
Portable Ultrasonography is done on Logic 100 (GE)
Portable Colour Doppler

This facility is used for Colour Doppler study of peripheral and other blood vessels for non-ambulant patients.
Portable Colour Doppler is done on Cypress Siemens Portable Ultrasonography is done on Logic 100 (GE)
Portable X-Ray Unit

We provide Portable X-Ray facility on - 100 mA X-Ray machine for non-ambulant patients.

Portable Colour Doppler Echocardiography (Adult and Paediatric)

This facility is very useful in assessment of various cardiac diseases in admit patients, thus meeting the needs of  Cardiologists in crucial cardiac emergencies.
Portable Echocardiography is done on Cypress Siemens.

Reproductive & medical Cytogenetics

In continuation to the assessment of complicated pregnancies by using imaging tool Apple hospitals has complete range of Cytogenetic testing facilities.
In association with Dr. Hema Purandarey’s Cytogenetic Laboratory Apple hospital provides ,

Post natal cytogenetics: FISH analysis, Blood Karyotyping,

Pre natal cytogenetics: Amniocentesis & Amniotic fluid karyotyping & FISH, Cord blood karyotyping & FISH

Products of conception: Karyotyping of Products of conception

Apart form interpretation of the Karyotypes & FISH reports, Dr. Hema PurandareyMedical & Reproductive Cytogenetisist  also available for genetic counseling on 15th of every month.