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Immunology Division equipped with Fully automated Chemiluminescence System. Chemiluminescence is the world renowned high end technology used for immunology propose.

Viz are:

  • Hormonal assays like , Thyroid Function Test, LH / FSH / Prolactin,     Testosterone, Beta hCG.
  • Tumour markers like , CA – 125 , Beta hCG, AFP, PSA, CA 19-9, CEA Triple
    Test,TB elisa, Test for Toxoplasmosis, TORCH test, ANA, dsDNA.


 Bone marrow Examination ADVIA-60 (BAYER) Cell counter
  • Haematology investigations are done on state of the art 18 parameter  Automated Haematology Analyzer (ADVIA  60, Bayer).Automation enables stat reporting and complete Red cell indices along with routine CBC exam 
  • Bone marrow aspiration procedure is also done along with bone marrow reporting.



RA-50 (BAYER) Chemistry Analyser

  • Biochemical investigations are done on Automated Biochemistry Analyzer (RA 50, Bayer).Automation enables stat reporting and accuracy of the results . Viz. Lipid Profile, Liver Profile, Renal Profile, Cardiac Profile, Cholinesterase, Iron & TIBC etc.



     Histopathology & Cytology

Viz. Histopathology of various biopsies. Tru-cut biobsies & FNAC of Liver,

Kindney, Lung, Spinal lesions, Breast, abdominal Lump, lymphnodes
Photographs of microscopic viewwill be provided along with reports


Viz. Aerobic & Anaerobic cultures, Antibiotic Sensitivity, Wet mounts , Stainings, AFB culture & sensitivity , Fungal culture , Operation Theatre sterilization testing

M-348(BAYER) Blood Gas and Electrolyte Analyser

Fully automated Arterial Blood Gas & Electrolyte Analyzer for the quantitative estimation of Ph ,pCO2, pO2, Bicrbontes, Base excess, Na+,K+,CL-

Quality Control

Pathology Department  is certified by External Quality Assessment
rograms ( EQAP) run by CMC ( Christian Medical College , Vellore), &
Professor P.K.Shukla’s EQAP, Banaras Hindu University , Varanasi  
For it’s proven performance in various pathology branches.

Patient information

          For Diabetic Profile :

  • 12 to 14 hrs fasting status is essential for Fasting Blood sugar level estimation
  • Blood should be given after 2 hrs of lunch for Post Prandial (lunch) blood sugar estimation.
  • Diabetic patient can have a glance at treatment response for individuals blood  
    sugar for last 6 months by doing Glyco- Haemoglobin test available at  pathology department. Consult your physician for intake of Medicines before doing blood sugar levels.
  • Please carry 100 gm Glucon D packet if your coming for Glucose Tolerance Test  (GTT).

    For Lipid Profile :
  • Strict 14 hrs fasting status is essential for Lipidogram estimation
  • Consult your physician for intake of Medicines before doing Lipidogram.