The aim of Physiotherapy is to help restore movement and normal body function in cases of illness, injury and disability & thus patients general wellbeing with the help of regular exercise to maintain a good health.

Physiotherapy department help patients

  • To develop and review treatment programmes, that encourage exercise and movement by the use of a range of techniques.
  • Assist patients with joint and spinal problems to reduce pain & improve movement.
  • Help patient's rehabilation following accidents, injury and strokes.
  • To keep up to date with new techniques and technologies available for treating patients.

Scope of Physiotherapy Department:-

1.Orthopaedics 2.Neurology 3.Cardiothoracic Surgeries 4.Paediatric 5.Geriatrics 6.Gynaecology


Sr.No.    Equipment Name                   




1 Interferantial Therapy-IFT Electro Medical Control     

Ortho & Neuro Conditions

2 Electrical Traction Electro Medical Control

Orhopaedic Conditions

3 Ultra Sound-US Electro Medical Control

Ortho & Muscular Conditions


TENS- Trans Cutaneous Nerve


Electro Medical Control Ortho & Neuro Condition
5 SWD- Short Wave Diathermy Electro Medical Control

 Orthopaedic Conditions

6 Wax Bath Electro Medical Control

Orthopaedic Conditions

7 Hot Moist Pack Electro Medical Control

Ortho & Muscular Conditions

8 Quadricep Table NA

Muscular Conditions 

9 Static Exercise Cycle NA

Ortho & Neuro Conditions 

10 Parallel Bar NA Ortho/Neuro/Cardio Conditions
11 Dumbbells NA Ortho/Neuro/Cardio Conditions
12 Thera Band Active Bands

Ortho & Neuro Conditions